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Altak and his Shop.

Altak's Supplies is a shop located in the Crossroad Path. It sells the following...

Elixir of Wisdom 3 Pack 100 NC
Minor Healing Potion 50 Bananas
Rejuvenation Potion 3 Pack 50 NC
Shiny Red Apple 12 Bananas
Toucan Helmet of Power 250 NC
Metal Sword 125 NC
Copper Hoop Earrings 137 Bananas
Jungle Explorer's Monocle 144 Bananas
Jungle Trooper Coconut Helmet 315 Bananas
Dragon Bomb 5 Pack 100 NC
Ice Cream Cone 3 Pack 25 NC
Space Cadet Pants 150 NC
Space Cadet Shirt 150 NC
Healing Potion 250 Bananas

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