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The Banana Bash is an event that was launched in June 2013. In this event, monkeys work together to feed the Banana Beast, who throws the Banana Bash after he is full.

Located in Clock Tower Square at the Party Area, the Banana Beast eats his favorite food: bananas.

To PlayEdit

All monkeys can participate in the Banana Bash event. The more monkeys that participate, the faster the Banana Beast will get full.

Banana Beast Reward

100 Banana Reward!

To feed the Banana Beast,

Banana Bash

hit CTRL near the banana tree in the area. This will knock bananas into the Beast's mouth. To check how full he is, players can hover the mouse over the Banana Beast.

Once he is full, the Banana Beast will throw a party, rewarding all participating players with 100 bananas. Members will have the opportunity to get exclusive gear from a treasure chest every time the Banana Beast reaches 100% full.

Member PrizesEdit

  • Banamulet (weapon that makes a splotchy cloud full of bananas each time it's used)
  • Banana Beast costume (comes in four pieces; head, shirt, pants, and bracers)
  • Banana Crown Helmet
  • Banana Chips (healing item)
  • Additional 100 bananas

Event TimesEdit

The Banana Beast is awake from his nap during these times:

  • 12am-1am PST/ 3am-4am EST
  • 4am-5am PST/ 7am-8am EST
  • 8am-9am PST/ 11am-12pm EST
  • 12pm-1pm PST/ 3pm-4pm EST
  • 4pm-5pm PST/ 7pm-8pm EST
  • 8pm-pm PST/ 11pm-12am EST

When the Beast is awake and hungry, players will get a notification with his face on the right side of the screen. Clicking on the icon takes players directly to the Banana Bash.

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