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Species Bathog
Found at Every Trail
Attack Bite/Shoot Rocks
Ability Fly
Drops Bathog Ear/Bathog Snout

Bathogs are common enemies in Monkey Quest.


Bathogs are very common monsters, as they are found in possibly every trail in Ook. They take only a few shots before they are defeated. Bathogs are somewhat hard to hit, as they fly, so you have to jump and attack, unless they come down to attack you which you can then hit them easily. Bathogs have a certain amount of range, so if you stand far away they might not be able to get you.


As their name implies, Bathogs look like a cross between a bat and a pig or boar, with a general bat-like body shape, but with larger, pointed ears, and a larger, more stout snout. Like many of the monsters of Ook, Bathogs appear to have patches of stone on their bodies, and glowing blue eyes.

Other TypesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Bathogs are the only flying creature that do not essentially follow only one certain pattern, and can actually lunge at the player.
  • Bathogs are the only creatures to have different types of attacks.