Bombirds are enemies in Monkey Quest.

Small Bomber Bird 01
Species Bombird
Found at Most Chim Foo and Crossroads trails
Attack Dropping watermelons that do damage on impact
Ability Flying
Drops Bombird Feathers, Bombird Beaks


Bombirds are common flying enemies in the Chim Foo and Crossroads trails of Ook. Bombirds attack by dropping damaging watermelons on the player, and their main defense is their capability of flight, making them harder to target. Due to the fact that Bombirds must be directly above a monkey to attack, it is suggested that you use a ranged weapon such as a Slingshot or Mystic Flytrap Staff to take them out. Also, the large elite Bombirds drop two watermelons at once instead of one, which is both harder to avoid, and potentially more damaging.


Bombirds look like green birds with masks and disproportionally large toucan-like beaks. The larger elite Bombirds gain an orange ring of crest-like plumage, orange tipped tails, and red beaks.