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A Bombird Feather

Bombird Feathers are crafting items used in tailoring. You can get these by defeating bombirds. Below is a list of the known recipes. Is common.

5 Bombird Feathers + 11 Cracked Shadow Shards + 9 Copper Nuggets = Dull Shadow Shard Ring
3 Bombird Feathers + 1 Cotton Thread + 2 Leather Scraps = Vibrant Bombird Tail Feathers
3 Bombird Feathers + 5 Leather Hides + 3 Iron Nuggets + 10 Quality Shadow Shards = Plane Walker's Cuffs
6 Bombird Feathers + 12 Cracked Shadow Shards + 6 Linen Scraps + 1 Silk Thread = Nether World Tail Ring

You can help by adding more recipes that involve Bombird Feathers!

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