Brokk's Battle Shop is a weapons shop owned by Brokk. It sells the following...

Name Price
Amulet of the Ninja 200 Bananas
Polished Slingshot FREE

Doom Popper

60 Bananas
Plans: Doom Popper 450 Bananas
Poison Puppet (Members Only) 1400 Bananas
Snow Popper (Members Only) 80 Bananas
Spinefish Blaster (Members Only) 3500 Bananas
Dragon Bomb (Members Only) 170 Bananas
Plans: Water Balloon Popper 1200 Bananas
Water Balloon Popper 1600 Bananas
Loogie Launcher 8800 Bananas
Crimson Katana (Members Only) 8450 Bananas
Major KaBOOM! Bomb (Members Only) 300 Bananas
Tough Warrior Bow

16000 Bananas

Arctic Ice Raider Hammer (Members Only) 16150 Bananas
Poison Popper (Members Only) 390 Bananas
Doom Axe 25200 Bananas
Fists of Gaia (Members Only) 22000 Bananas
Super Fart Bomb (Members Only) 490 Bananas
Super Pepper Popper (Members Only) 600 Bananas

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