Cannon Corral is the Sea Dragons's starter trail in Monkey Quest.

Trail StatisticsEdit

Trail Access Point: Clock Tower Square

Trail Recommended Levels: 3-7

Idols: 0

Trail QuestsEdit

Name Quest Giver Description Rewards
The Hidden Insignias Hardtack Hardtack wants you to find 6 Sea Dragons Insignias hiddes in barrels in Cannon Corral. 1850 XP/80 Bananas
Did Someone Say Treasure? Mainsail Mainsail wants you to defeat 2 Pincers, activate the statue mechanism and find the Treasure in Cannon Corral. 1850 XP/80 Bananas
A Gem of a Hunt Mainsail Mainsail wants you to find 4 Aqua Gems and 1 Violet Gem in Cannon Corral.

2170 XP/84 Bananas

Trail Quests


  • This trail isn't considered a Sea Dragons trail since it has no Idols.
  • Cannon Corral went through many changes, mostly in 2014.

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