In Monkey Quest, checkpoints are things that save your location if you die, so you'll teleport back to the checkpoint you activated if you where to die. To activate them, simply just walk by them.

Once a checkpoint is activated, fireworks will shoot out and a sign with a checkmark on it will come out.

Checkpoint complete

In this image, you see a monkey that has activated a Checkpoint.

Quests: Edit

Pre-Quest Quote Edit

"Do you know what I really like? FIREWORKS! I just love it when monkeys start the fireworks around here. Create some fireworks and I will be happy." -Moktok, The Deep Swamps.

Quest Statistics Edit

Moktok wants to see Fireworks illuminate The Deep Swamps.

Number of Monkeys needed: 1

Objectives Edit

-Create the first Fireworks

-Create the second Fireworks

Rewards Edit

+2550 XP

+170 Bananas

Note Edit

Fireworks refer to the Check Point markers.