The game Monkey Quest is very easy in controls wise but you may have some troubles. The game is generally controlled with your keyboard. You can move your Monkey in the game back and forth by using your left and right arrows, for example. Here's a list of other keyboard controls:

  • Up/Down (on rope or vine) = climb up/down
  • Space Bar = jump
  • Space Bar + Down = super stomp
  • Up (near front plane bridge) = cross
  • Down (near back plane bridge) = cross
  • Up (hold not near bridge) = trampoline
  • Down (not near bridge) = crouch
  • Left/Right = navigate dialogue boxes
  • Ctrl = interact (PC)
  • X = interact (Mac)
  • C, V, B, N = quick slot
  • M = open/close world map
  • I = open/close inventory (backpack)
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 = select/target group member
  • Z/X = spells or charged attacks
  • Enter = access or exit chat text window
  • Enter = (While editing text) post speech
  • Enter (while in quest window) = accept and exit quest window (if the chat is not open)

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