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A Cracked Shadow Shard

Cracked Shadow Shards are powerful Crafting Items used to create incredibly powerful shadow items. However, all the items you create with shadow shards are cursed with shadow energy and decrease one of your attributes. Below is a list of known recipes. They are the shattered pieces of the shadow demon Ka and can be won by defeating battle tournaments

11 Cracked Shadow Shards + 9 Copper Nuggets + 5 Bombird Feathers = Dull Shadow Shard Ring
5 Cracked Shadow Shards + 8 Copper Nuggets + 4 Leather Scraps = Reinforced Shadow Bindings
12 Cracked Shadow Shards + 6 Bombird Feathers + 5 Linen Scraps + 1 Silk Thread = Nether World Tail Ring

You can help by adding more recipes that involve Cracked Shadow Shards!

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