Cragcrawler Scale

Cragcrawler Scales are crafting items used in tailoring. They are the weakest and common of the cragcrawler-dropped crafting items. The intermediate form is a Cragcrawler Tooth, and the rarest form is a Cragcrawler Hide. They are acquired by defeating cragcrawlers, and are most commonly dropped by cragcrawlers between level 5 and 20. They are relatively easy to come by in the Soggy Creek in the Crossroads, but the best trail to get these is The Deep Swamps in Ootu Mystics. When judging if an enemy will drop these, bear in mind that it doesn't matter the genus (magma, moss, etc.) of the cragcrawler. Below is a list of things you can craft with these.

5 Copper Nuggets + 4 Cragcrawler Scales + 3 Garlics = Hearty Gold Tail Ring
3 Silk Threads + 10 Leather Hides + 5 Linen Cloths + 12 Cragcrawler Scales = Crag Scale Cloak
3 Copper Nuggets + 1 Cragcrawler Scale = Copper Earrings of Defence
1 Cotton Thread + 2 Leather Scraps + 1 Copper Nugget + 4 Cragcrawler Scales = Crag Scale Tail Ring