Cyclops Sword
Cyclops Sword
Obtained by NC Mall (Removed)
Equip Slot Weapon
Blunt Damage  ?
Rarity Epic
Bound Bound

Screen Shot 2011-10-03 at 7.10.12 AM

A skeleton Monkey wielding the Cyclops Sword

The Cyclops Sword is a weapon in the NC Mall. It used to be an October 2011 Membership Item until December 2011 when it was placed in the NC Mall. Sadly, the Cyclops Sword was one of the weapons that was removed from the NC Mall.

Screen Shot 2011-10-03 at 7.21.34 AM

The Cyclop Sword next to the Guardian Mace and under the Doom Axe.


The Cyclops Sword looks like your average metallic sword, except it has curved red spikes on the blade, the hilt is crimson, and it has a large, round eye on the crossbar with draconic wings on either side, hence the name cyclops.


  • This was the third-most bought NC item in December 2011.
  • In the November 2013 update, the Cyclops Sword was removed from the NC Mall, so now you can't get it anywhere, but it still exists for people who bought the Cyclops Sword before it got removed.

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