Hawk's Consumables is a potions shop located in Cauldron Keep. It sells the following...

First Aid: Boo Boo Bandage 300 Bananas
Plans: Minor Glyph of Defence 300 Bananas
Plans: Lucky Sling 450 Bananas
First Aid: Owy Bandage 1 200 Bananas
Plans: Glyph of Defence 1 380 Bananas
Plans: Enhanced Sling 1 380 Bananas
First Aid: Ouchy Bandage 1 950 Bananas
Plans: Major Glyph of Defence 2 242 Bananas
Plans: Superior Sling 2 242 Bananas
First Aid: Heavy Aloe Bandage 2 700 Bananas
Plans: Super Glyph of Defence 3 105 Bananas
Plans: Enchanted Sling 3 105 Bananas
First Aid: Superior Medic Bandage 3 450 Bananas

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