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Allison Sapphirerune and a Stone Dragon in the Hero's Secret Shrine

The Hero's Secret Shrine is a trail hidden in the Iron Mountain Highway. It is full of Magma Monsters. Chim Foo apprentices are sent here to practice their stealth skills. It only had one use in the game, and that is for the quest "Moonflower" which got removed. Unlike other trails, this one has no idols hidden in it.



  • This trail is now no use in Monkey Quest, since the quest "Moonflower" was removed. As a result, the trail was removed from the game in the late 2013 update.
  • Although some things say that members can fast travel anywhere in the game, this is untrue, as the Hero's Secret Shrine cannot be Fast Traveled to.
  • It is the only trail in Monkey Quest (not counting the trainer trails) to have no Arenas whatsoever.
  • The best strategy for this area is to use any ranged weapon on the enemies.