Hovering Markets Bottom

The Bottom of the Hovering Markets

Hovering Markets Top

The Top of the Hovering Markets

The Hovering Markets is the bazaar in the Crossroads. It is filled with vendors who will sell you their clothing and their potions. It is actually floating around the Crossroads. It is home to the main scout for the Chim Foo tribe, Kama. It is also home to Hopper, Irini, Adiror, Dyzoc, Jitter, Brokk, Xaken and Jeet, as well as an Underbelly Guard.

Due to the November 2013 update, Hovering Markets was removed and now the main marketplace is in Clock Tower Square. Many vendors were also removed along with the area, but 3 vendors from the Hovering Markets (Brokk, Jitter, and Xaken) were moved to Clock Tower Square.

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