Jitter is a vendor that sells potions and food. She is in Clock Tower Square, at the marketplace.

Shop ItemsEdit

This is a list of all of the items she sells in her shop.

Banana Boost 3 Pack (NC Item) - 75 NickCash

Double Banana Boost 3 Pack (NC Item) - 350 NickCash

Major Banana Boost 3 Pack (NC Item) - 150 NickCash

Super Banana Boost 3 Pack (NC Item) - 250 NickCash

Minor Healing Potion (Members Only) - 100 Bananas

Dried Banana Bits - 75 Bananas

Crunchy Coconut - 150 Bananas

Healing Potion (Members Only) - 200 Bananas

Trail Mix - 225 Bananas

Major Healing Potion (Members Only) - 400 Bananas

Zesty Melon - 300 Bananas

Juicy Orange - 450 Bananas

Super Healing Potion (Members Only) - 600 Bananas

Magnicifent Mango - 600 Bananas

Mega Healing Potion (Members Only) - 800 Bananas

Golden Pineapple - 750 Bananas

Ultimate Healing Potion (Members Only) - 1000 Bananas

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