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Koopu's Consumables is a shop located in Bog Bazaar. It sells the following...

Shiny Red Apple 40 Bananas
Chocolate Chip Cookie 25 Nick Cash
Dried Banana Bits 120 Bananas
Ice Cream Cone 25 Nick Cash
Crunchy Coconut 220 Bananas
Trail Mix 320 Bananas
Crunchy Caramel 25 Nick Cash
Zesty Melon 420 Bananas
Fried Plantains 620 Bananas
Sour Grape Pop 25 Nick Cash
Juicy Orange 620 Bananas
Magnificent Mango 820 Bananas
Banana Split 25 Nick Cash
Massive Chocolate Chip Cookie 25 Nick Cash
Golden Pineapple 920 Bananas

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