Light The Lanterns is the second quest in the questline, The Chim Foo.

PreQuest Quote:

"We Chim Foo pride ourselves on being stealthy enough to blend into any shadow. Now, as our Founder Mist used to say, 'There can be no shadows without light.' Go make sure the lanterns in Hidden Hollow are all lit!" - Kama


Quest Giver:

Quest Location:


Kama wants you to light the five lanterns in Hidden Hollow.

  • Light The First Lantern
  • Light The Second Lantern
  • Light The Third Lantern
  • Light The Fourth Lantern
  • Light The Fifth Lantern
  • Talk To Yee

Quest Ender:


  • 1700 XP
  • 70Bananas

End Quest Quote:

"I saw you lighting all those lanterns. You must be trying to impress Kama!" - Yee

Next Quest:

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