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Magma Bathogs are elite monsters that reside in most areas in Ook.

Magma Bathog
Magma Bathog
Species Bathog
Found at Most trails, mainly Crossroads
Attack Bite, Shoots Flaming Rocks
Ability Fly
Drops Bathog Ear / Bathog Snout


Magma Bathogs are quite similar to normal Bathogs but have a magma texture on their heads and fire coming from their backs. They are found in many levels, all across Ook. They are much more deadly than the normal Bathog since they shoot out fireballs and have much more health and damage. They are harder to hit since they fly, so you'd have to use ranged attacks to kill them unless they come to the ground to attack you, then they'll be much more easy to hit.


They are much like normal Bathogs, but are bigger and have a magma texture throughout their body. They also have fire coming out of their backs, having a glow effect. They have piercing blue eyes, which illuminate on your screen.

Other Types

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