Ootu mystic companion

the Original Founder of the Ootu Mystics Tribe and One of the five companions who aid the Monkey King, Mama Ootu or for short, Ootu.

"If you were nice to nature, nature would teach you its secrets." - Mama Ootu

Mama Ootu is the founder of the Ootu Mystics tribe. She was one of the five companions who aid the Monkey King in defeating Ka, the Shadow Demon.


After the Monkey King sacrificed his life to defeat Ka, Mama Ootu, one of the Monkey King's companions, went on a journey to find a piece of Ook to rebuild. What she found was a land that she called the Ootu Mystics tribe. She learned to harness the element of earth at the Ootu Mystics tribe, and so did other monkeys. The tribe was peaceful until Mama Ootu died. The monkeys had no choice but to elect a new leader, and so Mama Babu took her place. The tribe regained their peace once again until Ka returned and woke up many monsters in the tribe.


  • You can meet her spirit in The Deep Swamps.
  • She is many years old.
  • It is unknown how she died.

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