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Mikith's Clothing is located in Bog Bazaar. His clothes is an unknown hat (might be Tricky Shaman Hat.)He sells the following...

Green Ponytail 250 Nick Cash
Leafy Jungle Shirt 1 350 Bananas
Skull Fighter Pants 1 200 Bananas
Skull Fighter Helmet 1 350 Bananas
Skull Fighter Cuffs 1 050 Bananas
Muck Runner Pants 1 280 Bananas
Muck Runner Tunic 1 530 Bananas
Horned Ootu Mask 1 620 Bananas
Skull Fighter Necklace 1 800 Bananas
Toxic Rebel Pants 150 Nick Cash
Toxic Rebel Hair 250 Nick Cash
Toxic Rebel Shirt 150 Nick Cash
Creepy Tiki Mask 350 Nick Cash
Kooky Tiki Mask 350 Nick Cash
Jungle Camo Pants 150 Nick Cash
Jungle Camo Shirt 150 Nick Cash
Crimson Slinger Cap 350 Nick Cash
Wacky Clown Wig 250 Nick Cash
Witch Doctor's Braided Hair 3 000 Bananas
Jungle Camo Helmet 250 Nick Cash

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