Monkey quest the monkey king-0

Monkey quest the monkey king-0

The Monkey King was the original ruler of the land of Ook. The Monkey King's name is unknown. Monkey King was the one who started it all, he taught all the monkeys to become stronger, smarter, and braver (Look at the video for more information). He was one of the few Monkeys that were actually 'smart' before the monkeys evolved to become more intelligent (Thanks to the Monkey King). He was also righteously brave, sacrificing his life to use his staff and defeat Ka to save all the monkeys, although there ARE rumors that he is still alive. Some wish for certain things, and sometimes get them soon, declared to be a gift from the Monkey King. The Monkey King is praised by the monkeys of Ook every day, which proves that everyone knows about the great monkey who saved Ook in his time.

The Monkey King is most likely gone, but there is a statue of him in the Mountain Shrine in the Chim Foo Tribe. He chants riddles, if you give it special offerings. The riddles are very important.

Monkey King

On April 1, 2013, they stated that the Monkey King has been seen in Ook, which ended up being an April Fools prank.