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Feat Page

Map of Chim Foo

Chim Foo is one of the 5 tribes of Ook founded by Mist. It is in the eastern region of Ook, and is home to many Monkey ninjas and samurais.

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Throughout the year, we have received many questions asking how to get the shopping list quest. To prevent constant answering, I will list the answer. You get it from Memee in The Underbelly. If she doesn't have the quest for you yet, try coming back when you are a higher level or do more quests for Mayor Bumbee. If you have any more questions, leave a question on my talk page at . Thanks for your co-operation. Swiftykitty2K ;-D 00:57, December 11, 2011 (UTC)


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    This is going to be a blog listing the things to be done, as well as the questions I have about Monkey Quest.

    Feel free to comment! :D


    1. Make an item Infobox
    2. Fix up item pages
    3. Find a good format for …
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    Bill Cipher1500

    This wiki really needs more info on Monkey Quest. I am doing everything I can to add more info to this wiki. I'm adding more info the the tribes. I am also adding questline pages and quest pages. And…

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    monkey quest 101

    January 12, 2014 by Monkeyofpeace

    I think that all monkeys should be abel to know a lot so i stated this blog to let all of yall know tip qestions videos and maybe your most favorite moment. this is all see all yall monkeys later. MO…

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