Mysterious Warrior

The new Mysterious Warrior in his secret training lair in The Underbelly

The Mysterious Warrior is a mysterious warrior (hence his name). He can be found at The Underbelly's secret cave, the Forgotten Temple and Iron Mountain Highway. He is also seen in Rachnok's Lair and Noogo Village. The Mysterious Warrior helps you with quests, and is a big part of The Return of The Guardian Knights. He will give you various missions in Shard Cavern. He plays a big role in the tutorial, also. He appears to be a Chim foo monkey. The Mysterious Warrior has many secrets and even more stories.


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    The Mysterious Warrior at The Forgotten Temple

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    The Mysterious Warrior In Noogo Village

    There are theories that the Mysterious Warrior is part of the Chim Foo Tribe.
  • The Mysterious Warrior went through Guardian Knight training.
  • No one knows the Mysterious Warrior's real name.
  • In a 2014 update, the Mysterious Warrior got a new look.