Mystic Flytrap Staff
OotuFlytrapStaff 02
Obtained by Ghanee
Level Unknown
Price Joining the Ootu Mystics
Weapon Type Ranged
Attack Speed Medium
Range Medium
Cool Down Long
Rarity Common
Bound Bound

The Mystic Flytrap Staff is the starter weapon of new Ootu Mystics. It has a slow recharge, but for a beginner ranged weapon does quite a bit of damage, as well as poisoning the target. When used, it shoots out a green ball of energy that travels in a straight line. It is particularly useful in situations when you have to hit and run into hiding, or jump up from a trench, hit, then hide again, such as when you are fighting a strong ranged enemy because the running/healing period negates the cooldown time, and the poison will slow down or negate the target's regeneration or healing, and possibly even damaging it.

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