Nick Cash

Nick Cash (also known as NC, previously known as NeoCash) is one of the currencies available in Monkey Quest. The other currency is Bananas. Nick Cash allows the user to purchase special items that are not available for Bananas. NC is spent at the NC Mall. Real world money is required to get Nick Cash. Each Nick Cash purchase comes with a free virtual item, which you can redeem online. In the US, Gamestop sells the exclusive Monkey Quest Game Card.

A monkey Quest Gamecard (Gamestop Exclusive)

There is a free way to get Nickcash. Log into Neopets with your Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Account (the username and password you use for Monkey Quest) and create a Neopet. Go to the top where it says games and select games room. Go to Luck and Chance. Click more. One of the games should be called Qasalan Expel. You can play once every eight hours. If you win Nickcash, log out and go to Monkey Quest. 

Denominations and PricesEdit

1 USD/CAD is equal to 100NC. NCs are purchasable through a PayPal account, or at selected stores nationwide. To locate a retailer that sells NC near you, click here. NCs are available in denominations of USD $10 and $25.

User Interface of NC Mall


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