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Nodax assisting the Shadow Hunt Challenge

Nodax is a famous Shadow Hunter near the Icy Mountain in Iron Mountain Highway. He has a weird style that somewhat makes him look like a penguin, although he may be doing it on purpose. He gives you quests like all the other monkeys, like The Great Shadow Hunt. It is possible that he is a member of the Ice Raiders, due to the fact that he resides in the Icy Mountain.


  • The quest he gives you will no longer reward the Shadow Dragon crafting recipes, and was replaced with Bold Warrior recipes.
  • If you still have the Shadow Dragon set, the stats will set be 1.
  • He is somewhat friendly when it comes to fried chicken.
  • When the update came, Monkey Quest decided to change his spot in Iron Mountain Highway to under a snow hill instead of being right near the border of the Chim Foo.

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