Orchid Leaf

Orchid Leaves are crafting items used in tailoring and alchemy. They are the most minor form of Orchid crafting items, the middle one being an Orchid Thorn and the highest being Orchid Seed. They are earned by defeating orchids, best got ton by defeating orchids between levels 5-20. However, any level of orchid has a chance of dropping them. Orchid Leaves, and any other crafting items that Orchids drop, are the most scarce crafting item obtained from monsters. Below is a list of things you can craft with these.

5 Oak Branches + 3 Aloe + 3 Orchid Leaves = Lily Earrings of Healing
1 Silk Thread + 7 Oak Logs + 9 Orchid Leaves = Lily Headdress of Healing
1 Flask of Pure Water + 3 Garlics + 1 Orchid Leaf = Elixir of Life

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