Polished Slingshot
Polished Slingshot
Obtained by Brokk
Level 01
Price 0 Bananas
Weapon Type Ranged
Attack Speed Medium
Range Long
Cool Down Very Short
Blunt Damage +23
Rarity Common
Bound Bound

The Polished Slingshot is a ranged weapon that can be bought at Brokk's stall in Monkey Quest. The stall is located at Crossroads.

Ico abil goldenslingshot01


This slingshot has been well-polished so it shoots smoothly.


  • This weapon replaced the Slingshot and was added to the game in the Rachnok update.
  • After the Rachnok update, it was purchased by 2 Nick Cash. The new version seemed to be an entirely new item, because if players with the original bought this version, they'd be separate in the Backpack.
  • This weapon resembles the Golden Slingshot, which is an older item in Monkey Quest that was obtained after defeating the Shadow Cragcrawler in Blimp Ridge.