This is an outdated quest.


Pre-Quest QuoteEdit

"Where have you been [Monkey's Name]? Go to Poko and buy a weapon!" -Onko, Noogo Village.

Mid-Quest QuoteEdit

"Dangerous creatures have been lurking in the jungle. Hurry to Poko." -Onko, Noogu Village.

Finishing Quest QuoteEdit

"Hey! Monsters are lurking in the jungle! Here's a crazy powerful weapon to lure them off." -Poko, Noogu Village.

Quest StatisticsEdit

Onko wants you to talk to Poko in Noogu Village.

Number of Monkeys needed: 1

Recommended Level: 1


  • Talk to Poko


+120 XP

+8 Bananas

+1 Wooden Stick


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