Monkey Quest Rachnok
Species Shadow Spider
Found at Noogo Village/Rachnok's Lair
Attack Shoots Poison Rapidly
Ability Shoots Webs/Summons Spiderlings
Drops Unknown

Rachnok the Giant Spider (pronounced as Racknock) is a boss in Monkey Quest. He is a giant shadow spider who serves Ka. He is also the main antagonist of the first 4 questlines.

The Monkey must try and find Rachnok so the Monkey can defeat him, save the village, and retrieve an artifact that Rachnok stole. Rachnok resides in a dark cave in Crossroads which was named "Rachnok's Lair" from Rachnok. You fight Rachnok in Noogo Village, but you are getting overpowered by him. The Mysterious Warrior then comes and drives Rachnok away, therefore saving you from being defeated and eaten by Rachnok. But later on Rachnok captures the Mysterious Warrior and takes him to his lair, and you must defeat Rachnok once and for all at his lair to save the Mysterious Warrior and everyone else in Crossroads.

Appearences In QuestsEdit

  1. A Hero Is Born - Solo Mission
  2. The Lurking Beast - Defeat The Beast


Noogo Village Edit

Rachnok - "You! You are the one who has been attacking my Spiderlings!"

Enzo - "You should not have attacked our village!"

(You fight a short battle with Rachnok, but he starts to overwhelm you. Just then the Mysterious Warrior comes and drives Rachnok away, therefore saving your life.)

Mysterious Warrior - "Woah! You were almost spider lunch there kid!"

"Between the two of us, I think we scared Rachnok away. The village should be safe for now."

Rachnok's LairEdit

Before Battle

Rachnok - I have you now! No warrior will rescue you this time!

Enzo - Come on my friend! We can finish this!

After BattleEdit

Rachnok - Argh! You cannot hold back the shadows forever!

Enzo - We shall see about that!

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