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Rachnok dwells at the very end of his lair.

Racknok's Lair is the third trail of the Crossroads. It is the final area of the Rachnok questlines and is where the Monkey must defeat Rachnok. The Monkey first encounters Rachnok in Noogo Village. The Monkey encounters Rachnok again in Rachnok's Lair and the Monkey must defeat him there in order to move on with the questline.

Trail StatisticsEdit

Trail EnemiesEdit

  • Crawlers
  • Bathogs
  • Spiderlings
  • Shadowy Spiderling
  • Rachnok

Trail NPCsEdit

Trail QuestsEdit

A Shadowy Threat - Lysa wants you to collect a Spider Shell in Rachnok's Lair. Reward: 1400 XP/ 50 Bananas

Spider Boot Crafting - Talk to Brento to craft Spider Boots. Reward: 1550 XP/ 60 Bananas & Spider Boots

Heroic Rescue - Brento wants you to rescue 4 villagers in Rachnok's Lair. Reward: 1550 XP/ 60 Bananas

Defeat The Beast - Joego wants you to defeat the Giant Spider! Reward: 1550 XP/ 60 Bananas

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