Shadow Cragcrawler getting ready to attack

To see all of the monsters in Ook, click on Bestiary.

Shadow Monsters are the minions of Ka and are the main enemies of the game. They are found in most trails. These sinister creatures do their job every day, which is to wreak havoc in the innocent world of Ook. If it weren't for the brave Monkeys, the world would be history. Every day these creatures would invade a certain area of Ook, huge heaps of raging monsters. That leaves only the brave and strong monkeys of Ook to take on the restless army of Shadow Monsters.


  • Some shadow monsters have spawners near them of which if you kill, the spawner will not respawn the shadow monsters anymore, though some shadow monsters do not have spawners near them.
  • The strongest shadow monsters reside in Magma Citadel.
  • Ka is supposedly the leader of the Shadow Monsters. His species is a "Shadow Demon". It is unknown if there are other Shadow Demons out there in the world of Ook.

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