Shadowy Spiderling
No Photo
Species Spider
Found at Rachnok's Lair
Attack Charge
Drops Spider Shell

The Shadowy Spiderling is an elite monster that resides only in Rachnok's Lair in Monkey Quest. It is a minion of Rachnok. It is a level 8 elite monster.

Roles In GameEdit

The Shadowy Spiderling has only one role in the storyline. You fight him in a quest called A Shadowy Threat so you can get a Spider Shell, which you use to craft Webwalker Boots, which are resistant to sticky webs.

Tips & HintsEdit

The Shadowy Spiderling only charges at you. It can't shoot poison. When it is far away from you, shoot it constantly with your trusty Slingshot. When it comes at you, jump on the higher platform. You can super stomp it, air-swing with your Trainer Weapon, or just wait until it goes back. Don't let it hit you, as it can deal a lot of damage!

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