Shipwreck Yards is a Sea Dragons trail. There are a few NPCs and merchants. Shipwreck Yards is located in an underground cave, which is full of water.

Trivia Edit

  • Surprisingly, Shipwreck Yards is more popular than Plunder Ally.
  • Shipwreck Yards had a glitch that was often used.

Residents Edit

Screenshot 2017-03-24-15-59-14-1


Screenshot 2017-03-24-15-58-44-1


Screenshot 2017-03-24-15-58-28-1

First Mate Stern

Screenshot 2017-03-24-16-00-56-1


Screenshot 2017-03-24-15-59-26-2


Screenshot 2017-03-24-15-59-26-1


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