Welcome To The Mystical World Of Ook

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These are all of the main questlines and main quests in order in Monkey Quest.



Welcome To OokEdit

A new hero, which is you, has come to Ook. Let's hope you can defeat the sinister Shadow Demon Ka. But first, you should meet the VIMs of Clock Tower Square.

A Hero Is BornEdit

Trouble is rising in Noogo Village. You wanna help? Talk to the Mysterious Warrior.

Think you can take on 3 lowly Spiderlings? With a weapon, oh ya.

It's time to go solo. You must retrieve an artifact at the Forgotten Temple to deliver to Captain Tyran, before it's too late. Unfortunately someone, or should I say something gets in your way.

It's too late. The artifact was stolen. Luckily you find a chest that your chameleon lets you keep, but the artifact thing is still really bad. Now you must deliver the grim news to Captain Tyran in Clock Tower Square.

Gearing UpEdit

You wanna battle? You gotta gear for battle!

Every warrior has a range weapon. So it's time you got a range weapon.

A Larger WorldEdit

It's time for your first mission, to rescue 3 talking dragonflies. Yup, you heard me, 3 talking dragonflies, stuck on webs, with squeaky voices.

You need brains and brawns for this mission. Why? Because now the dragonfly scouts want you to get past the switches to retrieve a treasure chest. That's the brains part. The brawns part is that you need to get past an evil all-powerful statue known as the arena that causes unexplainably bad things to happen.

A scientist named Loch who tends to babble wants to test your skills. And by test your skills, he means find 10 ancient Monkey King idols in one area.

Back to the dragonfly scout. Apparently he has a gift for you. And another mission for you.

Zipptastrophy: a fellow monkey scout named Zipp hasn't returned from his mission. Now the dragonfly scout wants you to go into Blimp Ridge and look for him.

Time To Zipp Into Battle. Zipp has been trapped by Shadow Monsters. Now you gotta beat the Arena to save the poor guy.

The Lurking BeastEdit

Zipp's mission was to look for Spider Silk to craft Spider Boots, which are resistant to sticky webs. Well guess what? That's your mission now.

It's time to take a huge risk. You need to enter the lair of the giant arachnic-shadow and get the last ingredient to craft the Spider Boots, a spider shell. And the only way to get a spider shell is to take it from the Shadowy Spiderling.

It's time to craft! Brento can help you with that.

You have your Spider Boots. Now it's time to do a heroic rescue and rescue 4 villagers.

The Mysterious Warrior has been captured, and it's up to you to rescue him and defeat the beast.

Rachnok The Giant Spider stole the artifact. Luckily you got it back. Now you must deliver it to Captain Tyran. It's time you take the shortcut.

It turns out the artifact is an actual piece of the Monkey King's Staff! The Mayor has ordered you to keep it safe and not to loose it, for it is very important.

Reporting InEdit

Are you ready to enter your tribe? You have to report to your tribe captain first.

Chim FooEdit

The Chim FooEdit

You're about to enter your tribe! But first, you need to impress Kama. Start by talking to him.

Chim Foo Mission: Light The Lanterns In Hidden Hollow. It's pretty easy, as long as you avoid the dragons and the living statues that breathe fire.

Moonflowers: very ancient. Find 2 moonflowers in Hidden Hollow.

Joining The Chim FooEdit

Tablets and Ink: They can get you into the Chim Foo Tribe. Collect 4 Wooden Tablets and 1 Bottle of Ink.

Are you ready to enter the Chim Foo Tribe? All you have to do now is deliver the tablets and the bottle of ink to Sabre, a fierce and deadly panther who looks like he wants to devour you, also known as the gator for the Chim Foo Tribe. Have fun!

You're In. Now you should practice with your Grappling Hook. And then speak to the Grand Master.

Wisp's Test Edit

Study the Inscriptions on the 4 Statues of the Chim Foo Virtues on The Chim Foo Rooftops.

Wisp wants you to test your intuition. She wants you to find a chopstick on the Chim Foo Rooftops and return it to her.

Three Intuition Scrolls got scattered after the last monster attack. Wisp needs you to find and retrieve the 3 Intuition Scrolls in the Mountain Shrine.

Wisp wants you to deliver the Intuition Scrolls to Master Shade in Grand Glowing Market.

Master Shade needs you to defeat 1 Mist Dragon in the Mountain Shrine.

Wisp needs you to find the Stealth Scroll in Mountain Shrine.

Wisp needs you to find 4 teapots in Magnolia Lake.

  • The Smoke Bombs of Master Chi

Wisp needs you to talk to Master Chi in Magnolia Lake.

  • Master Chi's Test

Master Chi needs you to find stealth charms in Magnolia Lake and Forbidden Keep.

Sea Dragons Edit

  • Talk to Hardtack

You're about to enter your tribe! But first, you need to impress Hardtack. Start by talking to her.

  • The Hidden Insignias

Hardtack wants you to find her hidden insignias in Cannon Corral.

  • Did Someone Say Treasure?

Mainsail wants you to test your skills on treasure hunting in Cannon Corral.

  • A Gem of Hunt

Mainsail wants you to test your skills on gem hunting in Cannon Corral.

Hardtack wants you to deliver the gems to Pelican bill in Smuggler's Highway.

Pelican Bill wants you to practice around Razor Bay until you meet Captain Blacktail in Dragontail Square.

Captain Blacktail wants you to find his popcorn for him in Forgotten Lighthouse.

Bamm wants you to spy on Fizzle in Overlook Cliff.

Bamm wants you to find fresh corn and bring it to the lighthouse for it to blast.

Captain Blacktail wants you to find the courage juice in Outlaw Beach.

Captain Blacktail wants you to steal the package in Iron Mountain Highway.

Captain Blacktail wants you to talk to Ironfoot in Outlaw Beach.

Please note: Edit

This list of quests is not complete. There are many more quests in the game. But since Monkey Quest shut down, we no longer have access to the quest journal (A journal in the game that described all the quests).

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