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This page contains information that been retired in a recent update. The contents of this page may no longer be available to new users. However, they may still be available to users who started to play earlier when this quest was available.

Pre-Quest QuoteEdit

"You gotta deliver these supplies to Loch the Archeologist at The Forgotton Temple. I'd do it myself but after I heard that evil laugh... I ain't going near that joint! Thanks for helping me out and shhhh..." -Onko, Noogu Village

Quest StatisticsEdit

Onko wants you to deliver supplies to Loch the Archeologist. He is in the Forgotton Temple.

Number of monkeys needed: 1


-Deliver the supplies to Loch the Archeologist.


+300 XP

+20 Bananas

+ 5 Shiny Red Apples

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