Temple Artifact

The Temple Artifact is a quest item. You find it in the Forgotten Temple and you need it for the Quest:The Monkey King Artifact given to you by the Mysterious Warrior in the Forgotten Temple.

Due to the Rachnok update, the Temple Artifact got a new purpose in Monkey Quest. It became an artifact that the Mysterious Warrior was assigned to find and deliver to Captain Tyran, but you find out that it was stolen. Later on, after you defeat Rachnok you find out that Rachnok stole the artifact. When you deliver it to Captain Tyran, he tells you to show it to Mayor Bumbee, who tells you that the artifact is an actual piece of the Monkey King's staff!


  • (2012) The artifact is said to be a statue of the Monkey King himself according to Mayor Bumbee.
  • (2013) The artifact is said to be one of the 7 pieces of the Monkey King Staff, possibly the top.

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