The Old Floating Isles

The Floating Isles is a Crossroads Trail.

Don’t look down – there’s nothing there! Strange magical forces within Ook have made it possible for these lush islands to hang in thin air. Get a good grip on those ropes, and watch your step for angry Rock Crawlers and Bathogs. Most importantly, bring your friends along when entering the perilous Arena!

Trail Statistics

  • Trail Access Point: Crossroad Path
  • Trail Recommended Levels: 1-4
  • Idols: 10

Trail Enemies

  • Cragcrawlers
  • Bathogs

Trail Quests

Scout RescueCaptain Tyran wants you to rescue the three dragonflies in The Floating Isles. Reward: 1100 XP/30 Bananas

An Interesting Find - The Dragonfly Scout wants you to defeat the arena and find the chest in The Floating Isles. Reward: 1100 XP/30 Bananas & Bamboo Cuffs of Power

Unlocking The Past - Loch wants you to find 10 idols in The Floating Isles. Reward: 1110 XP/30 Bananas

Talk To The Dragonfly Scout - Talk To The Dragonfly Scout. Reward: 250 XP/8 Bananas & Confetti Cannon

Find Zipp - The Dragonfly Scout wants you to find Zipp in Blimp Ridge. Reward: 1250 XP/40 Bananas

Tulup's Daily Quest - Tulup wants you to destroy 5 barrels in The Floating Isles. Reward: 900 XP/25 Bananas

Tips & Hints

Ouch! That Stings! - When you stumble upon any spiked balls, stop for a moment and watch their movement pattern. Use the environment to travel around them and avoid getting pricked!

The Arena - Think you’ve got what it takes to survive the deadly Arena? Watch for openings on either side to get the jump on the Spawners. Take them out first, then clear the remaining creatures and reap the rewards!


  • Loch now directs you to the 10 idols in Floating Isles, which is good because back then you had to find them yourselves which was challenging for new players.
  • In 2014, Monkey Quest decided to remove some parts of Floating Isles, replacing many different things about it.