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Take up Nodax's challenge if you dare!

The Great Shadow Hunt Event was an event (like the Guardian Knight Event) in the world of Ook. This challenge is recomended for Monkeys levels 25 and up. To take the challenge, you need to pay a visit to world famous Shadow hunter Nodax. You can find him in the Iron Mountain Highway. He gives you four challenges to defeat Ook's most powerful Shadow Monsters. (Yes, much more powerful than the Shadow Cragcrawler!) After accepting his first quest, you will start the Dungeon Battle Royale questline. Make sure you have on your most powerful gear when you take on the challenge...and a whole lot of courage! After each challenge is completed, he will give you a crafting recipe in the Shadow Dragon Series. There are some hidden secrets to the shadow hunt. If you explore the Stone Gardens you might be able to find the Shadow Dragon Wings. If you're lucky Blackflame will give you them! They go along with the epic Shadow Dragon Collection.

The bosses of this event will have a title above them, indicating that they are a powerful boss and that they are part of the Great Shadow Hunt Event.

Small Spider 02

Shadow Rachnoid Grimfang In Giant Tree. Just think of a bigger version of the shadow rachnoid in the picture above. Rachnok may come in mind when picturing this creature.


Shadow Bombird Razorwing In Lantern Ridge


Shadow Spinefish Darkfin In Rosy's Reef


Shadow Dragon Blackflame In Stone Gardens

Shadow Monsters And RewardsEdit

Shadow Monster Crafting/Weapon Reward
Shadow Bombird Razorwing in the Lantern Ridge Shadow Dragon Helmet Recipe (Replaced with Bold Warrior Helmet Recipe)
Shadow Spinefish Darkfin in Rosy's Reef Shadow Dragon Pants Recipe (Replaced with Bold Warrior Pants Recipe)
Shadow Rachnoid Grimfang in the Giant Tree Shadow Dragon Shirt Recipe (Replaced with Bold Warrior Tail Wrap)
Shadow Dragon Blackflame in the Stone Gardens Dragon Mace (Replaced with Doom Axe & Bold Warrior Armor)