Magma Citadel

One of two quests that take place in this challenging area

Previous Quest: Edit

The Log Books is a quest that is given by Mayor Bumbee. It is the last quest of Mayor Bumbee's Questline and is one of two quests that take place in the Magma Citadel, the other being Who's the Boss.

Now that you have the stone to the Magma Citadel, Mayor Bumbee wants you to brave the ancient citadel and locate three Tribal Log Books and bring them back to her. Make sure to bring some friends!

Objectives: Edit

  • Find the first log book
  • Find the second log book
  • Find the third log book
  • Talk to Mayor Bumbee

Rewards: Edit

  • 11250 XP
  • 490 Bananas

Next Quest: Edit

  • None

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