This is an outdated quest.


Pre-Quest QuoteEdit

"Now get to the Forgotten Temple. There's a powerful monkey artifact you need to grab. Then take it to Mayor Bumbee." -Mysterious Warrior, Forgotten Temple.

Mid-Quest QuoteEdit

"Keep that Slingshot handy. This jungle is crawling with Shadows."

End QuoteEdit

"How did you get this? It must be protected." -Mayor Bumbee, Clock Tower Square.

Quest StatisticsEdit

The Mysterious Warrior wants you to collect the Temple Artifact and defeat 2 Temple Crawlers and then give the artifact to Mayor Bumbee.

Number of Monkeys needed: 1


  • Collect Temple Artifact
  • Defeat 2 Temple Crawlers
  • Return To Mayor Bumbee


+210 XP

+14 Bananas

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