The Return of the Guardian Knights is an additional storyline to Monkey Quest.

This event was launched on June 2, 2011.


New forgoten temple

forgoten temple

The Guardian Knights are a group of ancient warriors who emerged from the Forgotten Temple to join the Mysterious Warrior in quests. Ahead of them stands an epic battle with a wasp-like monster known as the Shadow Vespid, the protector of the evil shadow shards.

This event started on June 2, 2011. The Forgoten Temple was redesigned to become more like a path where you see other monkeys in play.

Stage2 lighthouse

A Rock Rumbler in the Forgotten Light House.

During this event, the Forgotten Lighthouse and the Chim Foo Rooftops became locked just like other trails. In order to gain access to these trails, an existing membership is required, or you may purchase a trail key in the NC Mall. But in the major November 2013 update, the Forgotten Lighthouse and the Chim Foo Rooftops became free again, along with every other trail in Ook.

Big rock rumblers

new monsters posted on facebook by monkey quest

New quests, weapons, and monsters have appeared in Ook like the cadet training sword, Rock Boombug and the Rock Rumbler.

The quests require you to defeat rock rumblers and get their mini shards.
Rock rummbler 1st stage

rock boombug in blimp ridge with mini shard in background