The Scrying Orb of Master Shade is the fourth and final quest of the Questline, Wisp's Test (Questline)

PreQuest Quote: "Master Shade has been looking all over the place for those missing Scrolls. Please take them to her in the Grand Glowing Market." - Wisp

Secondary Quote:"Master Shade is pretty cool. Deliver those scrolls to her in the Grand Glowing Market and see what happens." - Wisp

Previous Quest:

Giver Location:


End Quest Giver:

End Quest Quote:

  • "You found the missing Scrolls? Perhaps you can be of more help in the fight against Ka. I'm giving you a Scrying Orb. It is an incredibly powerful tool. It allows you to see invisible things." - Master Shade


  • 1380 XP

Next Quests:

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