Treasure Chests are found in every trail that has shadows. There are 3 iterations of the chests, Green, Blue, and Purple. There are also Holiday chests, which are just Purple chests with a different texture.

Green Edit

The Green chests are most common of chests. They are mostly seen around the starting trails, such as The Floating Isles. They typically mostly have common items, but they usually have 1 rare item.

Blue Edit

The Blue chest is seen in almost every trail. They typically have more uncommon and rare items. Sometimes they do have ultra rare items. These chests also are the richest in patterns.

Chest 1

Purple Chests Edit

These chests are the most rare of them all. They mostly have uncommon and rare items, and a few ultra rares. These are usually found after tough challenges or hard arenas.

Loot Edit

Chests are the main way to earn loot. Although Bananas can buy you many items, there are far more items found in chests that you cannot buy typically. When you first start out, potion patterns would be the most common item to find in chests, but when you start getting more advanced, you'd get far more tailoring patterns and clothing items. Also, in more recent updates, bananas were added to all chests. These are one of the biggest annoyance for most players.

Chest 2

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