Two Moonflowers To Go is the third and final quest in the questline, The Chim Foo.

PreQuest Quote:

"The Moonflower is very important to our culture. You should learn more about Chim Foo traditions by collecting 2 Moonflowers!" - Yee


Quest Giver:

Giver Location:


Yee wants you to find two Moonflowers in Hidden Hollow.

  • Find 2 Moonflowers
  • Talk To Yee

Quest Ender:

  • Yee

End Quest Quote:

"According to the legend, one spring day, Mist saw Moonflower petals floating on the wind. She meditated on their light, breezy dance for many days. That is how she finally mastered the power of Air." - YeeEdit


  • 1700 XP

Next Quest:

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