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    This is going to be a blog listing the things to be done, as well as the questions I have about Monkey Quest.

    Feel free to comment! :D


    1. Make an item Infobox
    2. Fix up item pages
    3. Find a good format for Quest pages
    4. NPC Infobox
    5. Fixing up NPC pages
    6. Event Infobox (there seems to be an event every other day... >_>
    7. Fixing up Event pages
    8. Pet Infobox
    9. Fixing up Pet pages
    10. Potion Infobox
    11. Fix up Potion pages
    12. Enemy Infobox
    13. Fix up enemy pages
    14. Boss Infobox
    15. Fix up Boss pages
    16. Shop/merchant templates
    17. Fix up shop/merchant pages
    18. Make pages for recent stuff, then work backwards
    19. MAIN PAGE


    1. What exactly is crafting?
    2. Are there updates everyday?
    3. What is "bound"?
    Read more >

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