Every winter, Monkey Quest hosts a Winter Party. In this party, you celebrate Christmas in Ook. In Frostbeard's Forest, you can find the NPCs Aliana, who gives you a daily quest, Starshine, who sells Christmas items, and Laurence, who may be related to Maurice. Members have an exclusive area that leads them to a secret area, where they can open a Christmas chest every 16 hours, with special goodies that are exclusive to the chest, like the Reindeer Outfit or a Turkey Leg weapon. Laurence is also located in the Members only area. Then there is the Winter Wonder Maze, which is a maze with hidden presents! At the top of the maze, you meet Frostbeard, the Santa in Ook. You also get a Christmas jack-in-the-box which has elf items! Inside the maze, you can find elves, bananas, Ice Cubes, and present ice cubes! Ice cubes with presents inside can give Crafting Items or even pet food! 
Christmas Shop
Giant Snow Gorilla
Frostbeard's Winter Wonder Maze