A wooden stick (B button)

The Wooden Stick is a weapon. You used to be able to buy it from Tonic in The Underbelly. The current update, however, has diminished Tonic from the game as we know it. The new vendor who sells the Wooden Stick is Brokk in the Hovering Markets. It costs 100 bananas. In the description it says, "The simple stick makes a great weapon for smashing things."

When the Crossroads changed their apperance, the wooden stick was the new starting weapon.

Being the first weapon given, it is unknown why it would be sold for 100 bananas. If anything, it should be cheaper as you can get it for free at the start of the game.

The major update replaced the Wooden Stick with a Trainer Weapon as the starting weapon and you cannot get it anywhere in the game. However, it still exists, since people still have it.

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